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06Nov 17

The Commission: From Silence to Resistance

In her documentary film The Commission: From Silence to Resistance, feminist activist and filmmaker Bev Palesa Ditsie manages to do something nearly impossible; tell the story of nearly a decade…

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CAL Secretariat  @@CalAdvocacy
What's YOUR demand? Join our #16Demandsfor16Days Campaign as we name our demands towards autonomy, freedom, peace… https://t.co/6FbYPtIc9T 
CAL Secretariat  @@CalAdvocacy
@gathonii_ Askies @gathonii_ we have hyperlinked the page and you can now access the information you need. There's… https://t.co/I7puluJYlz 
CAL Secretariat  @@CalAdvocacy
“I don’t want to be scared anymore” this is why we continue to fight. 

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