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  • Defending Our Dream: Fikile Vilakazi March 23, 2016
    When the Coalition of African Lesbians was formed, the dream was to create a public political space for lesbian feminist voices to emerge, be visible and influence the ongoing private and public debate about our sexual and gendered lives as lesbian women in Africa. We were angered and exhausted by the dominance of masculinist voices […]
  • CAL@CSW60 Updates: When a woman human rights defender is murdered March 21, 2016
    by Sheena Magenya The CSW space is always overwhelming. Overwhelming in many ways. The number of human rights defenders that descend on Manhattan in March is eye opening, as are the number of issues that we deal with in our countries and contexts. Every year, we find new, young, energetic women and men dashing from […]
  • CAL@CSW60 Updates: My fourth day at the CSW March 21, 2016
      By: Ntlotleng Mabena The fourth day was really an interesting one, it invoked in me all sorts of varying emotions at high intensity. After an anxiety-filled night, the day started with a session on ‘Achieving women’s empowerment for women in their diversity.’ I represented CAL on the panel discussing this elusive issue regarding empowerment […]

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