The 40th session of the HRC takes place in Geneva from 25 February to 22 March 2019

As usual CAL, through our membership of the SRI will be engaging throughout the council by:

  • Preparing and delivering statements    
  • Engaging with state representatives to suggest progressive SRHR language in resolutions
  • Hosting side events    
  • Engaging with other civil society groups to strengthen networks and combine    advocacy efforts

SRI Statements at HRC 40
CAL is responsible for drafting the UPR statements for Nigeria. CAL has collaborated with activists and organisations in the drafting of the Nigeria UPR stakeholder reports and we will be working with the same organisations and activists to prepare the statements.


There are three resolutions that SRI will be tracking closely, these are:

  • A resolution on Human Rights Defenders that should present a specific focus on the environment and Women Human Rights Defenders;
  • A resolution on the Right of the Child;
  • A resolution on the Elimination of Discrimination in Sport based on race and gender

Side Events
SRI will host a side event on Women Human Rights Defenders working on sexual rights in international and regional mechanisms. The objectives of this side event are:

  • To talk about the strategies that WHRDs working with sexual rights have developed to engages within the IACHR, ACHPR, ECtHR and AICHR to advance SRHR.
  • To identify the common and diverse barriers that WHRDs working on sexual rights are facing in their engagement with regional human rights systems.
  • To elaborate why it is important that feminists occupy these spaces and participate in the decisions that these intergovernmental bodies take.
  • To explore ways how WHRDs can reclaim space in international and regional human rights bodies and identify measures to create transformational change.

CAL will also present at a side-event organised by the Association for Progressive Communications on Gender and Privacy in the Digital Age.