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The Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL) seeks expressions of interest from suitable candidates to undertake the research and writing of a feminist wellbeing report from 14th July 2020 to 14th August 2020. The Consultancy may be awarded to an individual or a team of consultants either in an organisation or working as independent consultants. 

The Coalition of African Lesbians  is a feminist, activist and pan Africanist network of 14 organisations in 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa committed to advancing freedom, justice and bodily autonomy for all women on the African continent and beyond. CAL is committed to raising consciousness among lesbian women, as well as strengthening activism and leadership on issues of gender and sexuality and their intersection with multiple forms of oppression in a wide range of women’s lived realities. We understand the place of Africa in the world and work in ways that affirm African agency and power to contribute to transformative change on the continent and in the world.

CAL operates with and from an understanding that African women face enormous constraints to their freedom and autonomy in their bodies, decision making of any kind and in their lives. It is for this reason that CAL has been running an Autonomy Campaign which focuses on specific injustices related to and arising from women’s lack of autonomy. This campaign is currently being extended from Southern African countries to Benin, Rwanda and Tunisia and is particularly focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights an on violence against women, and is underscored by the fact that women’s lack of autonomy means that are often barred from making decisions not only in their personal lives but in their public lives as well.

A recent addition to the Autonomy Campaign and to CAL’s various projects is the deliberate consideration of wellbeing in feminist activism in various ways. In this particular project, CAL is supporting collectives in various wellbeing activities they are carrying out in their countries, and CAL is seeking to complement their work by conducting its own research and publication on wellbeing.

Purpose of the Consultancy

To conduct desk research to write a report on, and develop guidelines for, wellbeing in feminist activism focused on the three project countries, Benin, Rwanda and Tunisia. CAL envisions this report being used to unpack and discuss wellbeing in feminist activism in the three countries by collectives, individual actives and organisations doing feminist work. The report will also inform further wellbeing research and work beyond the three countries. We envision the wellbeing guidelines developed being used by activists, organizations and donors seeking to incorporate wellbeing work into their programming to help in framing their work. 


  1. Feminist wellbeing desk research outline proposal
  2. Feminist wellbeing guidelines proposal
  3. Draft report on Feminist Wellbeing in Benin, Rwanda and Tunisia
  4. Final report on Feminist Wellbeing in Benin, Rwanda and Tunisia

Timeframe: The duration of this consultancy is 28 working days, commencing as soon as possible and to be concluded by 14th August 2020.

Location: Remote / Flexible.


  1. Demonstrated experience in feminist research and writing.
  2. Demonstrated experience in conducting desk research. 
  3. Applicant’s up to date publications list.
  4. French and English language fluency is an added advantage.


Interested applicants should send their updated CVs and a one page proposal on how they would approach this brief project. Applications should be sent by 6th July 2020 to, copying and .

Please indicate in the subject line the reference, “Feminist Wellbeing Research”.