Meet the Executive Committee (EXCO) 

  • Chairperson – Vacant
  • Yasmin Hussein

A young, Muslim, feminist, non-smoking queer woman; an auditor and a medium-to-long serving activist in the SOGIE movement in Kenya, Eastern Africa and the wider African region. Blissfully enjoying life and; Competitive swimming from the tender age of 10, positivism, academia, a love for literature, the arts, travel and the outdoors. Yasmin has a budding career in financial audit and assurance in the public sector in Kenya as an audit associate with the Office of the Auditor General – Kenya. A fulfilling passion for activism, specifically for equal rights for the minority women in the broader SOGIE Movement in Kenya, East Africa and the Continent as a Steering Committee Member of the recently reloaded Minority Women in Action, a Community Based Organization that advocates for equal rights for LBQ women in Kenya, serving on the EC of the Coalition of African Lesbians, on the Board of the recently formed and Mombasa based INEND – Initiative for Equality and Non Discrimination and previously a board member of AFRA Kenya, an organization that uses art as a platform to advocate for and defend human rights of LBQ women in Kenya.

  • Juliet Nnedinma Ulanmo Esq

A Legal Practitioner, Human Rights activist, Sexual Rights activist, Social Critic, LGBTQ Rights Advocate and a feminist. She has been practising law since 2008 but left it briefly to get a working knowledge of how NGOs and CBOs organize and operate. Aware of the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community in acquiring legal representation in Nigeria, Juliet returned to legal practice in 2011. Currently, she is also contributing her quota to the setting up of the West Africa LGBTQ Activist-Led Fund, as a member of the Interim Steering Committee. Juliet is amongst the team of lawyers being trained by TIERs (The Initiative for Equal Rights), to strategically build up a case to challenge the legality and constitutionality of the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition- Act (SSMPA), which has criminalised same-sex relationships and abrogate the rights of LGBTQ persons and their friends in Nigeria. Juliet is also the Secretary of the West Africa Interfaith Network and a part time Senior Program Officer (Legal) with the International Center for Sexual And Reproductive Rights, Nigeria, (INCRESE). She is also a board member of the Coalition for the Defense of Sexual Rights, Nigeria (CDSR).

  • Rose Wangari Kibaara-Smith

Also known as Kare is a Kenyan queer feminist, human rights defender, artist and a lover of women and all they are . She works with refugees, sexual minorities, women and girls to create safe spaces, build and enhance their capacity, write grants, fundraise and build their movements. She also works in arts – where her professional foundation is based. She has been working in the LGBTIQ and women and girls’ rights movement in Kenya and Uganda for the last 6 years. Kare is passionate about social justice, community development,  feminism and community work. Currently, Kare works as the Project Coordinator at the Queer Youth Council, an organization that works to enhance the skills of young LGBTIQ persons in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania so they are better placed to take up spaces of leadership. She is also a member and board member of Artists For Recognition and Acceptance (AFRA) Kenya, a womyn aligned creatives’ organization addressing oppression by generating spaces to inspire conversation on SOGIE issues in Kenya, and, a board member of Community Empowerment and Self-Support Initiative (CESSI), a LGBTIQ refugee led organization in Nairobi created to foster skills development and livelihoods opportunities through targeted services for refugees and asylum seekers. In addition, Kare enjoys writing her blog, feministing, yoga, walking, drawing, collecting scarves and books, reading, performing spoken word and tattoos.


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