International Advocacy:

The Advocacy Programme at The Coalition of African Lesbians works internationally with a range of state and non-state actors in order to realise CAL’s vision. There are three core functions of work undertaken by the Advocacy Programme, these are:

  • Lobbying and influencing state and non-state actors
  • Media
  • Feminist Knowledge Production

The programme contributes towards movement building, and cross movement solidarity work and strengthening feminist activism. International advocacy at CAL involves working to achieve change with activists, international civil society groups and state representatives.

Human Rights Council

CAL’s presence and participation at the HRC is strengthened and amplified through our membership of the Sexual Rights Initiative ( Our work at the Council includes lobbying state representatives on particular resolutions, engaging with the special procedures (working groups, independent experts and special rapporteurs), making statements before the council and hosting side events and panels.

Work done at the council falls largely within two themes:

  • Sexual and reproductive justice
  • Advancing rights for civil society groups and women human rights defenders.

Review of the June Session, and a tracking system for voting patterns

The Coalition of African Lesbians has developed a tool for tracking states’ voting patterns in the key areas of interest and applied this to the 32nd session (i.e. the June session). The tool is intended to assist The Coalition in lobbying of state representatives and also deepen our analysis of emerging and established trends.

Observatory on the Universality of Human Rights (OURs)

The OURs project ( is a feminist, collaborative initiative that   monitors, analyzes, and shares information on initiatives that misuse religion, culture, and tradition to undermine the universality of human rights. CAL’s work within the OURs project explores the connections between and ways in which different fundamentalisms (including amongst others free market fundamentalism and national fundamentalism) co-constitute and reinforce each other, as well as how these link to other factors such as militarism, crises in democracy and patriarchy.

Some of the other networks CAL is a member of include:

Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition

Sexual Rights Initiative

Association of Women’s Rights in Development

Sexuality Policy Watch