We at The Coalition of African Lesbians would like to welcome you to our newly redesigned official website.

We have taken great care to update and improve all of the information on this site and continue to work aggressively to provide essential information in an easy to use way and to keep you updated with all the great work CAL and her partners are doing.

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@CalAdvocacy @@CalAdvocacy
CAL Secretariat  @@CalAdvocacy
"I believe that women deserve so much more than what they are currently exposed to." Tomupeishe Anne Maphosa we see you! #WCW @AFF001 
CAL Secretariat  @@CalAdvocacy
"Change is not only possible but happening." Siphokazi Mthathi we see you! @SiphoMtathi12 @AFF001 #WCW #FeministCrushes 
CAL Secretariat  @@CalAdvocacy
"For the feminist movement to shift, it is important that spaces and avenues are created for self-definition." Chola Odido we see you! #WCW 
CAL Secretariat  @@CalAdvocacy
Pleasure is powerful, pleasure is political! We celebrate you Dorothy Aken'ova! #wcw" title="https://t.co/iYzA44UWzX #wcw" target="_blank"> https://t.co/iYzA44UWzX #wcw #feministcrushes 

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