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Vacancies at The Coalition of African Lesbians: x2 Directors


  1. Director: Programmes
  2. Director: Development

Start date: by February 2018

Application deadline: 12 midday RSA time, 22 November 2017

The Coalition of African Lesbians is a women’s rights organisation working on all women’s rights issues and developing the ideas of radical African lesbian feminisms. We are a coalition of members in 15 countries. We have a Support Office in Johannesburg, South Africa where we are registered as a Non-Profit Organisation.

CAL has newly created two co-directorships, replacing the single Director position and enabling shared leadership and shared workload and a division of labour that enables greater focus within and coordination between the Directorships.

We hereby invite applications by African lesbian feminists to these two challenging and exciting positions:

Please click on the links above to see deadlines, criteria and condition for applying.

The principal objectives of CAL are:

  • To advocate and lobby for the political, sexual, cultural and economic rights of African lesbians by engaging strategically with African and international structures and allies;
  • To eradicate stigma and discrimination against lesbians in Africa;
  • To build and strengthen our voices and visibility through research, media, literature and  the arts, and through participation in local and international fora;
  • To build the capacity of African lesbians and our organisations to use Radical African Feminist analysis in all spheres of life;
  • To build a strong and sustainable lesbian coalition supporting the establishment and development of national organisations working on lesbian issues in every country in Africa;
  • To support the work of these national organisations in all the foregoing areas including the facilitation of the personal growth of African lesbians and the building of capabilities within their organisations.
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