This function is held by the Directorate Team

Team Leader & Director

Dawn Cavanagh – South Africa

Dawn Cavanagh is a feminist – activist and pan Africanist. She is passionate about the politics of knowledge and the idea of building autonomous movements. Dawn has experience in multiple movements and has worked on a wide range of issues including the right to health, women’s health and women’s human rights, sexuality and gender and on the right to development amongst other issues. She has worked with the Coalition of African Lesbians since 2010.

Personal Assistant

Thokozile Skozana – South Africa

Thokozile is a feminist who believes in the power of women. She is an avid reader and a passionate writer. She speaks six South African languages and prides herself in her ability to find compromises. Thokozile is a very strategic thinker. She is a highly expressive feminist with a will power to put emotion behind numb conversations. She has been part of the Coalition of African Lesbians since May 2015, as an admin assistant and worked her way up to Personal assistant to the Director.

CCPME Manager

Nthateng Mhlambiso – South Africa

Nthateng Mhlambiso is a Black African woman, a feminist and an activist in her own right. Her journey in the human rights movement started very early in her life and more formally in the late 90s working as a journalist exposing the plight of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex LGBTI community in hostile contexts in the African continent. Nthateng has also worked in various sectors including LGBTI rights, women’s rights, climate change, and HIV and Aids among others.

M&E Officer
Zazi Dlamini

Zazi Dlamini – South Africa

Zazi Dlamini is a black queer feminist activist. She has a keen interested in the politics of memory and building feminist spaces. She has most recently been considering how queer archives and queer intimacies can creatively contribute to (re)imagining activisms. Zazi has experience working within student movements, feminist collectives and civil society organizations. She has worked with the Coalition of African Lesbians since June 2016.

Communications & Membership Officer

Tanyaradzwa Daringo – Namibia

Tanyaradzwa is a young African feminist who is passionate about the development of young women in all their diversity. A perfectionist by nature, Tanyaradzwa has a strong background in both Communications and Law and uses the two to interrogate and strengthen the role of women in the continent. A lover of African literature, Tanyaradzwa spends most of her time reading and writing and is always eager for an opportunity to learn. She is currently the Communications Officer for the Coalition of African Lesbians and loving it!


This function is held by the Advocacy Team

Team Leader

Carrie Shelver – South Africa

Carrie Shelver is a feminist activist and the Advocacy Manager at the Coalition of African Lesbians. Carrie has been involved in women’s rights, LGBT and social justice activism since the late 1990s in South Africa. Carrie has a background in political science, adult education and a keen interest in developing and applying arts-based feminist methodologies in consciousness raising and movement building.

Advocacy Officer

Anthea Taderera – Zimbabwe

Anthea is a queer black feminist who spends a lot of time pondering the nature of legal power, jurisprudence, and creative ways of using art, poetry (all writing, really) and digital media to better activist. She is currently fascinated by the politics of disease, dis-ease, citizenship and disposability and how these play out on black women’s bodies.

Advocacy Officer

Lineo Tsikoane – Lesotho

Lineo Tsikoane is the founding director of Lesotho’s first and only public interest litigation center The Seinoli Legal Center. Ms. Tsikoane is a human rights lawyer with vast experience in advocacy, policy analysis, programme planning and fundraising. She has worked briefly with the Law Society of Lesotho and the Lesotho Council of NGOs as democracy and human Rights Coordinator. A Chevening Scholar, Mandela Washington Fellow and previously worked as Executive director for the NGO Coalition on the Rights of a Child and a passionate democracy and judicial reform proponent. She has led campaigns and networks at a regional, national and international level on human rights, in particular women, youth and development. She holds an LLB degree from the National University of Lesotho and LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice from the University of York, England.

Advocacy Officer

Lusanda Shiba – Swaziland

Lusanda Shiba strongly believes in lifting up marginalized voices by openly challenging all patriarchal and racial beliefs through education, resources, discussions and movements. She has worked for multiple community development organizations; from grassroots to regional NGO level, as well as a couple of donor agencies, tackling pertinent issues of education, water & sanitation, health, the environment, food security and HIV/AIDS, to name a few. She has just joined the Coalition of African Lesbians in June, 2016.

Research Manager
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Varyanne Sika – Kenya

Research Officer
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Phenyo Gaotlhobogwe – Botswana

Campaigns & Media Manager

Caroline Tagny

Caroline has a background in graphic design and communications, but as always been interested in digging beyond the links between form and function. She is passionate about the intersectionalities between communication rights and mouvements for social change and more specifically how the internet can be a catalyst for women’s rights and sexual rights activism.

Campaigns & Media Officer

Sheena Magenya – Kenya

Sheena Magenya is a feminist actor, who is passionate about building on the narratives of African women’s struggles and successes, as well as re-imagining new and different ways of advancing social justice demands and calls for transformation. She is passionate about media and words, and the use of technology to bridge gaps, strengthen solidarity and create visibility for the work of various movements on the continent. She has lived and worked in Namibia and South Africa, and is currently based in Nairobi Kenya. Sheena holds a degree in Journalism and Psychology from the University of Namibia, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Creative Writing at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.


Special Projects Manager

Trish Gatsi – South Africa

Trish describes herself as an intuitive and strong-willed feminist who aspires to be long life civil rights, social justice and human rights defender and activist. She is fanatical about freedom, gender equality, equity and defying unjust norms and stereotypes. In all her work experiences and engagements, Trish strives to contribute towards a progressive world that embraces or recognizes diversity of humanity. It is in this regard that she has continuously worked in various movements and issues.

Programme Officer
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Lindelwe Nxumalo – South Africa

Lindelwe joined the CAL team in July 2016. With an educational background in gender and sociology she has been working in the NGO space in areas of women’s health, sexual reproductive health and rights, HIV and gender and youth rights.

Programme Officer: Southern Africa
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Refilwe Moahi – Botswana

Programme Officer: Southern Africa
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Sibusiso Malunga – Zambia

Sibusiso Malunga is a human rights activist/feminist with a strong focus on LGBTQ rights as well as women and girls’ rights in Zambia. She has experience in HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives as well as economic empowerment for women in rural areas. Sibusiso is also largely involved in regional feminist organizing and she is active in the young African feminist movement.



Finance Manager
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Finance Officer
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Galaletsang Mtembu

Finance Officer

Lesego Mogapi – South Africa

An accountant by profession, Lesego Mogapi is a solid, reliable and passionate activist, feminist and human rights defender. Self-Identified as a woman, Lesego enjoys participating within various ongoing feminist conversations both locally and regionally. With a diligent and trustworthy personality Lesego has seamlessly diversified in portfolio within CAL. CAL allows Lesego to fulfil both her love for numbers and auditing with her passion as a human rights defender.


Senior Finance Administrator
Mathabo Maqhubela

Mathabo Maqhubela – South Africa

Mathabo Maqhubela is an activist, a feminist black woman. She has started working for Coalition of African Lesbians in 2010 as a Finance Officer, she has now moved to the technical team as a Senior Office Administrator. She is passionate about the politics of CAL and she is also universal politics conscious. Mathabo has a skill in HIV/AIDS counselling that she practices at Kamohelong Care Center as a care giving whenever she can. She is a hardworking, passion driven, systematic and she is determined to develop herself further.


Simphiwe Mabiya – South Africa

Simphiwe is mother to thee most amazing daughter. She has worked at CAL since July 2015 as a logistics officer. This is her first time working in the human rights sector but she has found a clear passion for it, especially working with feminist and learning from them. She is passionate about independence and building inter personal skills.


Surprise Maroga – South Africa

Surprise Maroga is an activist, feminist and human rights defender who identifies as a woman and a proud mother. She has been involved with CAL since November 2007. Surprise joined the CAL secretariat as a staff member in July 2010 as an is currently an Administrator. Passionate about building personal and political spaces to promote friendship and solidarity. She is a lovable person who wouldn’t be caught without a smile, enjoys good cuisine and company.

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