Why should I be a member of CAL?

The Coalition is a network of organisations and individuals with a diverse skills base. Becoming a member means that you can be a part of collective activism and action across national borders on the continent, within the global south and internationally.

Below are benefits of membership as per the CAL constitution

Member organisations will have the following benefits:

1. Participation and leadership in CAL programmes through the various working groups;

2. Having access to membership updates and information sharing

3. Participation and leadership and implementing CAL Campaigning

How do I become a member?

1. An applicant for membership of CAL must:

(a) apply in writing to the CAL Executive Committee MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM 

(b) affirm agreement in writing with the aims and constitution of CAL

(c) provide a full description of itself, including history, aims and achievements and membership where relevant.

(d) submit a copy of its Constitution or other founding document

(e) provide reference letters from at least five (5) other organisations or persons based in the applicant’s country, at least one (1) of which should be a partner organization, and two (2) should be members of the applicant organisation’s target community

(d) be supported in such application by at least one existing member of CAL.

Applicants that meet the above requirements and are in conformity with the aims and objectives the vision and the constitution shall be accepted by the Executive Committee.