The Autonomy Project which is being implemented in Southern Africa is interested in receiving contributions, questions and submissions. If you or your organisation is interested in participating in and contributing to this project please get in touch with us by filling the form below.

More information about the Autonomy Project is available HERE.

Other projects that you can participate in are:

The KP REACH Learning Project: The KP REACH Learning Project has been established on the assumption that stronger networks will work more effectively with their members and partners in country and this in turn will strengthen the work on access to health services in the context of HIV. The Learning segment is expected to create learning cultures within KP groups and organizations and coalitions from marginalized communities and groups. It strengthens the analysis, reflection and learning in the political work, programming and organizing of the four networks in this Project. It also informs and contributes to shaping the advocacy segment of KP REACH which is led by AMSHeR. It does this by providing evidence of ‘what works’ and so shapes the advocacy messaging to influence policy and other decisions makers at a local, national and sub-regional level.

The Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) Project: The Women Human Rights Defenders Project has two elements: strategic interventions and emergency responses. The strategic interventions element was established in 2010 and involved advocacy and integration of women human rights defenders into all the work we do. The emergency responses are an element that started as a pilot in 2010 as well but was, for various reasons suspended in 2012. This Project is again active, having been reviewed and redesigned and with a strategy, work-plan and budget in place is ready for take-off.

The Women’s Health Project: The Women’s Health Project is aimed at understanding the right to health as it pertains to people born in female bodies and socialised as women. It is a multi-methodology project with both research, consciousness raising with women on the right to health and to advocating on the right to health at a local, national, regional and international level. It has a strong focus on working in solidarity with others who are already advancing this issue.

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