Advocacy and solidarity are what drive CAL’s endeavour for the acknowledgement, respect and upholding of women, in particular, lesbians and bisexual women’s rights and freedoms. As such, CAL participates in a myriad of activities to raise awareness and increase the visibility of women on various issues.

Find you will find our statements from our participation in various activities and efforts

19Nov 20
HRC 45: UPR Statement On Lesotho

HRC 45: UPR Statement on Lesotho Human Rights Council - 45th SessionItem 6: Adoption of Universal Periodic Review – Lesotho September 28, 2020 Thank you, President Action Canada makes this statement on behalf of the…

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30Apr 20
Statement- South African UPR Report

Statement- South African UPR report

Thank you, Mr. President. Action Canada makes this statement in collaboration with the Sexual Rights Initiative.  Of the 243 recommendations made by member states to South Africa many echo the…

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