Women Human Rights Defenders:

The Women Human Rights Defenders Project has two elements: strategic interventions and emergency responses. The strategic interventions element was established in 2010 and involved advocacy and integration of women human rights defenders into all the work we do. The emergency responses are an element that started as a pilot in 2010 as well but was, for various reasons suspended in 2012. This Project is again active, having been reviewed and redesigned and with a strategy, work-plan and budget in place is ready for take-off.

The Project focuses on psycho-social well-being and not on safety and security and evacuations. The need for such a focus emerged from the learnings from the first pilot phase in 2010. The Project is based on an early warning sign system where activists become more mindful and conscious about their own health and well-being, both physical and emotional and take charge and/or seek support to address their well-being needs. An option for a fully or partly financed activist health break or a study break is available using a set of criteria.